Because I Can See It

To those with a seemingly unreachable dream, Sometimes I forget that the tattoo on my arm is there for a reason. On the surface, it’s a nice homage to the Harry Potter series and, more specifically, my self-identification as a Slytherin. The underlying reason goes deeper than that. It was the spring of my junior [...]

Voice acting? What’s that about?

So tell me, what is your favorite Disney movie? Go on, humor me for a bit. Or why don’t we expand our question: What is your favorite animated movie? Anime series? Cartoon show? Picture your favorite characters. Imagine the sounds of their voices, the intonations in their speech. For every bit of dialogue, conversation, phrase, [...]

Even as he sleeps

My Dear Love, I got married today… It was perfect, the wedding I always wanted; it was like a dream. But the silver chairs we picked seemed dull in the sunlight, arranged in rows like tombstones at a cemetery, green and silver ribbons decorating their backs. Conversations felt miles away. When the music began, everyone [...]

Afraid, uncertain, undocumented

For her eighth birthday, Serena — whose name has been changed at her request due to the controversial and precarious nature of her situation — wanted to go to Disneyland. Her family had gone before, but as a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl,” she asked her father if they could go. He agreed, but said, “It’s gonna [...]