Let me be a part of your journey

Oh, hello there. It’s nice to meet a fellow writer, a new friend and partner. Me? I’m your biggest supporter, someone who loves the craft and only wants the best for you. But you’re the captain at the helm; think of me as your first mate . . . with a bit of writing knowledge at your service.


So what do you need?

Developmental Editing

The big picture. Let’s look at plot, story flow, character development, world building—everything you need to get your story on the right track.

Line Editing

A deeper dive into language and style. Can we say this another way? Can we make your meaning clearer? How can we help your voice shine through?

Copy Editing

This is where we get technical. I’ll whip out the dictionary, the style guide, the grammar bible, and my trusty pair of reading glasses.

What to expect

With our partnership, you can expect encouragement, honesty, and suggestions. But my suggestions are just that—suggestions. I don’t expect you to blindly accept my edits, and I wouldn’t want you to. This is a relationship, and all great relationships require a good dose of communication and understanding.

Help me help you

What i expect from you:


An open mind


Respect and civility


Willingness to do the work

We are in this together

I get it. Sharing your work to have it critiqued or looked over for mistakes is scary. We all wish we could produce spotless pieces, but the universe isn’t so kind. Even a seasoned writer needs a fresh pair of eyes. So I am offering mine. I’m here for you.

So let’s connect. You can also message me through my Facebook page. I look forward to working with you!

“Highly recommend her”

I loved working with her on my second book. Her comments and suggestions were very helpful in making my story better and accurate.

Regina Ann Faith

“A great editor from the beginning”

She has helped with all my questions, understanding my tough schedule, and putting in just as much respect towards my novel as I have. She gave me enough critique to guide me through changes that were necessary, but was kind and made sure not to belittle me or change my style.

Jacque Loftus

“The editing I didn’t know I needed”

I hired her to critique the prologue and first chapter of my novel before submitting it to a conference. … Kim suggested moving a few things around, which meant a few other things would have to be deleted or moved to another section. I gave it a try, and it works so much better now!

Suzanne Minae