Masculinity as a societal construct

While pursuing his Foundation in Music Certificate from the International College of Music, transfer student Adam Colling lived in Kuala Lampur Malaysia from January 2016 to June 2017. His favorite part of living there was the nightlife; the food stalls and other street vendors were open until anywhere between midnight and 5 a.m., which he [...]

Afraid, uncertain, undocumented

For her eighth birthday, Serena — whose name has been changed at her request due to the controversial and precarious nature of her situation — wanted to go to Disneyland. Her family had gone before, but as a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl,” she asked her father if they could go. He agreed, but said, “It’s gonna [...]

Women inspire, mentor, advise

On the second floor of Marston Hall, you can find the office of Dr. Peg Achterman, an assistant professor of communications. A curtain hangs just to the left when you enter her room, and her desk is pushed against the far wall, just under the window, giving her and anyone else in the room a [...]

Coexisting with enemies

Photo by Kim See | The Falcon Daoud Nassar is a Palestinian Christian farmer and the founder of The Tent of Nations, a campsite and summer camp located on Daher’s Vineyard, the farm land the Nassar family owns.   Daoud Nassar and his family have been in an ongoing legal battle for 26 years. In [...]

Pledging to educate

Courtesy of Aardvark Paper Straws Marine degradable and FDA certified, Aardvark straws are encouraged as one alternative to using one-time plastic straws.   A challenge has been issued. Focused on providing education that inspires youth and the innovative community, the Lonely Whale Foundation strives to “inspire empathy towards marine species and develop life long advocate [...]

Waiting for the perfect fit

Courtesy of Krister Persing English Professor Peter Moe gathered a crew of eight to extract a dozen bones from a whale that washed up at Twin Harbors State Park in late May earlier this year.   Assistant Professor of English Peter Moe’s fascination with whales started when he was a young boy. Having grown up [...]

Behind The Clery Act

Photo by Kayley Driggers | The Falcon Students are often unaware that they can ask for information regarding crime at the Office of Safety and Security. As the end of the quarter draws near, students continue to attend classes and study for tests, going about their daily academic tasks. All the while, the Office of Safety [...]