Even as he sleeps

My Dear Love, I got married today… It was perfect, the wedding I always wanted; it was like a dream. But the silver chairs we picked seemed dull in the sunlight, arranged in rows like tombstones at a cemetery, green and silver ribbons decorating their backs. Conversations felt miles away. When the music began, everyone [...]

The Right Move

Yellowstone National Park. I nearly choked on my lunch (a burger, if you were wondering) when Rianne told me that’s where she wanted to go. I thought it a joke, yet here we were, on our way to visit Old Faithful and maybe see a handful of elk if we were lucky. I grimaced at [...]

Defining Love

It's chemistry, undeniable chemistry. It's glorious, profound, yet dauntingly scary.   It's secret glances, the kind you hope he doesn't notice, the kind you secretly wish he gives you when you're turned away, not looking.   It's laughter, unbridled laughter. It's inside jokes and stupid grins. It's making each other ridiculously happy but not knowing [...]

The One That Got Away

The first thing people notice are his eyes. They glitter like stars through unbroken glass, But when I look into them, they shine out of reach as they look down at the filth that I am below his feet. When he smiles, he outshines the sun. But his words are as sharp as they are cold with [...]


Electronic dance music. It was the kind of music that got your feet tapping, your head bobbing, and your hips swaying. The people in front of her, next to her, behind her, all around her jumped enthusiastically, whooping and cheering. The familiar smell of sweat and weed invaded her nostrils. Mira, beside her, wiggled and [...]

Best Friends

Let me tell you a story. I met my best friend when I was in the third grade, in our little town of Stawford. It must have been fate or something because we weren’t even in the same class. No, our rooms were right next to each other, with a removable wall between us. He [...]