Introducing: newbrighton

Seattle, Washington is known for a list of things, including but not limited to: coffee, rain, traffic, Microsoft and other large business, the University of Washinton… and the list goes on. There is also something about Seattle that seems to bring out the creative side of people.

For Jake Kelly, John Jarman, and Cody Schuman, that creative side manifested into a love for music.

“It’s expression, a challenge, an art, and a way to connect and communicate,” Jake has said. “Along with that, when you write and perform music, there is a kind of relationship with music itself.”

As many creatives know, things don’t always go your way; they don’t always feel right. You can’t force something beautiful to happen. But with time, dedication, and a good amount of passion, you can get some pretty amazing results.

The members of newbrighton with Kt Neely. From left to right: Cody Schuman, Kt Neely, John Jarman, and Jake Kelly.

Going into 2019, the members of newbrighton made it their mission to emphasize collaboration and community. True to their word, they partnered with musician Kt Neely and together, they’re gearing up for a two-song release. On Sunday, March 10, at The Sunset in Seattle, the world will be introduced to “Lullaby” and “Sucker.”

As explained by John, “Lullaby” was written by newbrighton and expanded on by Kt. “Sucker,” on the other hand, was brought along by Kt and newbrighton brought instrumentation to it.

What some people don’t realize is that the release will be a sort of reintroduction, for a lack of better words.

“I think what’s particularly interesting about our story,” John mentioned, “is a recent change in our sound.”

John, as the newest member, joined newbrighton back in late 2016. With him on board, the band was comprised of four members: a drummer, a bassist, and two guitarists. And together, they rocked the post-hardcore sound.

For those of you like me who wasn’t familiar with the term, post-hardcore is a punk rock genre similar to hardcore punk in aggression and intensity but with a higher degree of creative expression. For more info or a better definition, see here.

But in February of 2018, just as newbrighton was ready to release new music, there was a bump in the road. One of their members made the decision to leave the band for personal reasons.

Make no mistake. It was a hard decision, but it was made with mutual understanding from all members of the band; that are all still good friends.

Newbrighton wasn’t sure if they wanted to continue as a band. They felt their sound only worked with two guitars. On top of that, the remaining three didn’t feel right replacing Their band mate with someone new. There was something special in the bond the four men shared.

In the end, Cody, Jake, and John adjusted, becoming a three-piece band with Cody shifting from the guitar to the bass. And with this change came a reevaluation of their sound.

Cody switches from the guitar to the bass to accommodate the change in membership.

Newbrighton switched from post-hardcore—which they felt they could no longer effectively play with only three members—to more of an indie/alternative sound, allowing more room to collaborate with other artists.

“We felt a hand was dealt to us,” John said, “but we have slowly realized that this is an opportunity to try something new.”

With their new release coming up, newbrighton is excited to move forward with their music goals and see what the future brings.


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***All photos courtesy of newbrighton.

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